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I have my all-time favorite books, of course, but for this curriculum, I really wanted to incorporate a variety of award-winning, truly excellent books. But here is a list of the 45 outstanding books that I used to create lessons. I have organized them by the second grade Common Core standards, so if you use my curriculum, note that these are not listed in order! The actual curriculum does contain a list of the texts in order and a additional list of even more suggested texts for each skill. Fiction RL. San Souci. Nonfiction RI.

Melvin Berger. Stille Bats Nocturnal Animals J. Angelique Johnson. If you are looking for some guidance in teaching the Common Core reading standards and getting kids to respond to texts in writing, check out the curriculum click on the image below. If you have other wonderful books to add to the list, please feel free to comment below! Hi guys! Just a quick post for today — I made these black and white, no frills geometry posters for my second graders.

Literacy Improvement Pre-K–5

The posters should be helpful for kiddos in K through 4th grade! They include 2-D shapes, 3-D shapes, line segment, line, ray, perpendicular lines, and parallel lines. Click the picture below to download for free! If you happen to teach K and are looking for more geometry activities, check out my geometry pack. Enjoy the freebie, and happy teaching!! Before break started, we finished up our unit on Community Helpers. This way, the kids learn vocabulary and more in-depth information.

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Better than going a mile wide and an inch deep, right?? They also do lots of writing as part of the unit:. Vocabulary picture sorts were also helpful. In this sort, they had to cut, sort, and paste pictures that were related to police officers.

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The categories were jobs, uniforms, tools, and transportation. At the end of the unit, students chose a community helper that they wanted to be when they grew up. Most of my boys chose police officers! All in all, a good unit.

Even though the photos show materials in Spanish, the exact same materials can be found in my English version of the unit. Happy Monday! Were you as tired as I was today with getting up an hour early?! I gave her a hundreds chart and a pile of nickels. Then, I modeled how to place a nickel on 5, then another one on 10, one on 15, 20, etc. I had her do this a few times by herself she was able to read most of the numbers off the chart. Is this you? Haha sometimes I feel like this is me. I used to teach in a school where the kids each had an iPad to use.

This was awesome, and obviously made it a lot easier to integrate technology into learning! Kids can log on and practice their math facts for just a few minutes every day! Since my second graders are supposed to know by memory their addition and subtraction facts within 20, this is a great way for them to practice. The site will generate parent letters for you in English or in Spanish!

Teaching Literacy in English to K-5 English Learners

Another awesome feature is that it will email you when children have reached certain goals in the program. It sends you a certificate to print out for the child, and let me tell you, does that kiddo feel SPECIAL when you hand them the certificate in front of the whole class!

What Happens In the Brain During Comprehension?

He can add and subtract much more quickly than a lot of other students. The practice has really paid off! There are interactive tutorials and directions that explain concepts to the kids, plus different types of games to help them practice. Here is a screenshot from a game I used a while back to introduce basic fractions:. There are SO many different topics on the site! O ur next adventure in technology is going to be from K5 learning. Happy tech-y teaching! Happy Tuesday! The temperatures where I live have plummeted…once again…but I am still in a great mood today! Second, we worked on word problems today in math, and the partner strategy I tried out actually worked really well!

I came up with this set of procedures for 2 math partners.

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You can click on the picture to download it for free. She buys 23 pieces of fruit and 12 vegetables.

How many fruits and vegetables did she buy altogether? The problem is asking us how many fruits and vegetables she bought in all. I think we should add 23 and 12 together to solve the problem. They then check their answers together before moving onto the problem. The students switch roles for the next problem. I hope that all made sense! K5 Learning.

Using Songs as Shared Reading. Outstanding Books for Second Graders. Geometry Posters Freebie! Community Helpers Unit. Vocabulary is a big part of the unit, too. I want students to learn the technical terms for the tools, uniforms, and transportation that firefighters, police officers, and doctors use.

Since I teach dual language, it was especially important for my students learning Spanish to have lots of opportunities to practice the vocabulary! They loved it! One student would pick a community helper and the other students would have to guess who it was. The object was to find matches that had the correct vocabulary word and the corresponding picture.

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By the end of the unit, they were able to read all of the words and really remembered the vocabulary. Tackling word problems in partners! If you can write in the book itself, you can draw lines in between sections, highlight sections different colors, underline sections, or circle sections. If you cannot write in the book you can photocopy the pages and use these same methods.

If none of the options are doable, or if you just want another chunking method, you can cover up the chunks with a blank piece of paper or index card, only exposing the ones you are reading or have already read.